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First, you must acquire the minutes you want to have in the interview. Once paid, we will contact you to set an hour and a day that suits you for the connection, which will be done via Skype.
No. Only Skype connection is possible. Think that Araishaa needs a special workspace, which would not be possible to obtain if the connection is telephone, for example.
There is no problem We can vary the day and time to another time that suits you best.
No. Everything related to diseases and treatments is the work of doctors, who are qualified professionals in that field.
There are two forms of payment, and both are safe. You can pay with any debit or credit card from any bank, or with your Paypal account. For other forms of payment, please send an email with the form below this section.
Araishaa has a 26-year experience as a clairvoyant. It's a gift inherited from his family, and there are thousands of people who can testify

If you can not find the answer, send your inquiry via email.